Online Video: Why "Everyone's Doing It" Isn't a Good Excuse

Yes, there may be truck loads of online videos, but none of them feature you.

 Image by Colette Nichol, Story Envelope Media

Image by Colette Nichol, Story Envelope Media

One reason many people give up on doing an online video series before they’ve even started is that they think “everyone is doing it” and that there’s no room for them. 

You have a vision for a beautiful video series you’d like to create.  It will be soulful. Fun. Useful.

It will serve a community of people who need and want what you have to offer. And at the same time it will bring people back to your website where many will become customers.

You go on to YouTube and see what other people are doing. You type your topic into the search bar and start watching a few videos.

They all look great. They’re colourful. Well made. The hosts are all cute, and fun, and smart....

And so you start to think that maybe you shouldn’t bother. 

Maybe creating a video series isn’t the best use of your time. Maybe all your “competitors” have got the market cornered.  Maybe you should just forget about that tiny voice inside that is quietly but relentlessly pulling you towards online video.  

What you’ve forgotten is that YOU have a unique voice.

If you’re really being true to yourself with your video creations, and not copying others, then there is no way anybody will have a video series anything like yours.

We start falling off our true path when we start comparing ourselves to others rather than focusing on how we can be of service.  

Right now I’m in the midst of creating a web series that will help soul-based businesses and entrepreneurs to create technically beautiful online videos that forge deeper connections with their current and potential customers, grow their business, share their talents and wisdom, and be of service.  

I’m by far, not the first person to come up with the idea of making online videos that teach business owners how to create their own online videos.  In fact there are quite a few channels on YouTube that do just that.

But I know that none of the channels speak to the community of soulful caring business owners in the same way that I will. 

And I believe that there’s a reason this damn IDEA of mine won’t disappear. 

I’m not going to lie to you, I feel very reluctant and resistant. There’s a part of me that’s screaming “Hell Yeah!” when I think about making this web series - that’s the part of me that has come up with over 50 episode ideas in 48 hours!  

And there’s another part of me that wants to groan and roll over and not put myself out there and not share my knowledge and just go back to bed already. 


Do you know how many people visit YouTube every single month?

Over 1 billion people visit YouTube every month. 

Let's say that again: 1 billion individual human beings visit YouTube every single month to go watch a video or two.  

And they spend over 4 billion hours watching videos each month. And that’s just people visiting YouTube. There's also Vimeo, Netflix, and numerous other online video streaming methods. 

As of 2013 IP video traffic made up 66% of all consumer web traffic!

And according to Cisco by 2018 that number will go up to 78%. And when you add TV, video on demand and file sharing into the mix that number goes to between 80% 

One more statistic?

In the second quarter of 2014, Netflix subscribers watched over 7 billion hours of streaming video. 

If you want to know the exact number of hours we spend watching online video each month, I couldn’t tell you. But it’s it’s more than 6 billion.  

Web traffic is difficult to measure accurately, but its safe to say that human beings are not going to get "sick of video" any time soon. And it's also safe to say that there is room for you!

In fact, there is a need for you. 

If you have the DESIRE, and the VISION, and the VOICE inside which tells you it’s time already...then that little voice is right.

If you’re planning a video or web series, tell us about it in the comments below. 

What’s it about? Who will you be serving? What have your struggles been in making it? And when’s the damn thing going to be up and ready? Add a link to your video series so we can watch it!

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