3 Game Changers Worth Watching

In the past week, I encountered the work of three amazing people and four videos that gave me a lot to think about.  Even more than causing me to think, these four videos inspired me to face life and my entrepreneurial endeavours with greater courage and clarity.  If you want a powerful 65 minutes of inspirational, useful, and fascinating video, take a look at these.  

And as a side note: if these four videos don't convince you that getting yourself and your business an online video will be one of your most powerful marketing moves this year, then I don't know what will.  The reasons these videos are so effective (and why Ted talks are so effective) is that we are able to see the speakers facial expressions, body language, and the emotion in their eyes as we listen to their voice and take in their ideas.  Humans acting like humans.  Authenticity and vulnerability.  These are seriously powerful things.  

Brené Brown

Shame and vulnerability.  They're important to know about.  

Simon Sinek

Know your why, know your set of beliefs.  People buy your why, not your what.  

Amy Cuddy

Power posing will change the way you feel in nerve-wracking situations...like online video performance.  

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did!