How To Get Rock-and-Roll Video Testimonials from Clients

First, why bother with a video testimonial from your clients?  It's definitely easier to ask for a text version.  Well, there are two main reasons why a video testimonial will be more useful and powerful and important for some businesses.

1.  If your business is very heart based then a video testimonial will express to a far greater extent, the emotions of your clients and how deeply affected they were by your business or your work.  Clients then don't need to be madly charismatic or linguistically talented for their video testimonial to be effective.  Their emotion will speak for itself.  

2.  If your business is something that is difficult for a lot of people to buy into then getting real live people who have experienced very positive benefits from your business will be a far greater "argument" then the simple text based testimonials.  Especially since with the text based testimonials there is always that sneaking suspicion that they've been made up.  With a business that is a harder sell, you take away any suspicion when providing video testimonials.

Okay, so you've decided you're going to ask some of your best clients for video testimonials.  How do you make sure these testimonials actually look and sound good?

First you provide a script.  You don't tell them what to say, you ask them to answer three questions that you know will lead them in the direction of communicating the benefits your work provides.  Ex: What has the effect of my business coaching been on your small business? This open ended question elicits a benefit-rich response.  

P.S. This isn't manipulative.  It's helpful.  The clients who love your work usually want to help you spread the word.  But when people are asked for testimonials they often freeze because they don't know what the person wants.  Your goal is to be asking your current clients the questions a potential client would ask them.  Potential clients want to know about the benefit they will get from your business.

Next when asking for video testimonials, give them some quick info about how they can create a video testimonial that looks great in less than ten minutes.  This will give those people who want to help out the tools to do so.  

I'm going to give you the steps right now.  You can even copy and paste this info into the e-mails you send to your clients. ( Naturally, I'd love it if you credit me. )

How To Create A Video Testimonial With Your Smart Phone In Less Than Ten Minutes:

1. Find a quiet place in your home or office with lots of light.  

2. Borrow a friend or helper.

3.  Stand with the source of light hitting your face.  Ex: If your light source is a window, stand facing the window on a slight angle.  If your light source is an overhead lamp, stand facing towards the lamp on a slight angle.    

4.  Make sure your helper holds the smart phone on its side, not up and down.  This mimics a wide screen TV or movie screen.  

5.  Get your helper to frame the shot so that it goes from your shoulders to the top of your head, kind of like a passport photo.

6.  Record!  And don't worry if you um or hem or haw.  You're a real person.  Of course you're going to say um.  Or eh.  Or you know

Being specific when asking for video testimonials and providing the low tech info people need will help make those video testimonials much more useful, powerful, and visually appealing than they might otherwise be.  

-Colette Nichol, Vancouver