Measurability: Yet Another Reason Online Video Trumps All

Imagine a tool that would allow you to find out how long a person had hovered their cursor over a photo staring deeply into its 2D eyes.  Or a tool you could use to find out how much of an article a person had read, or where they had skipped a page and gone on to the end. 

That would be amazing!

That tool doesn't exist for text and photo, but it does exist for video.

I have one word for you: Wistia.

By the way, I'm not affiliated with Wistia.  In fact, as of this writing, they don't even follow me on Twitter.  I just think they're amazing.  

With Wistia you can find out all sorts of useful information about your viewers' habits.  When do they click away to a different part of the video?  How many minutes of the video do they watch?  Which parts do they re-watch?  What are my per day video view to conversion rates?

This means you can find out how engaging your content is, and how effective it is as well.  If you've managed to hold your viewers' attention all the way to the end of your video, then you know you've had an impact.  You're already at the top of the heap in terms of being memorable.  Because it's just as easy to stop a video and click away as it is to keep watching.  

People only stay on a video if they're enjoying it, or if they've gotten distracted and aren't actually watching your video anymore, or they're in some kind of a stupor.  The first case being more common than the second two options.  So, if the majority of your viewers are watching your video to the end, you know, for a certainty, that the content you have created is memorable.  And if not, well, you know where you've gone wrong, and you change it.  And all without having to weed through cryptic comment feeds making guesses left right and centre.  

And this doesn't just serve you.  (Obviously.)  By providing your audience with content that is relevant and enjoyable, you give them a better online experience.  And that, of course, is the goal.  

-Colette Nichol, Vancouver