My Best Video Tip Ever: Put Your Video In Sight

So like most people obsessed with something, I have a series of pet peeves around this obsession.  

My obsession (okay, one of my obsessions) is, of course, online video.  

So today, I'd like to address one of my main online video pet peeves.  

Drum roll.  

Hiding your video!

This drives me crazy.  

I go to a website, and I want to know more about their product.  It's an unusual product, so I figure they must have a video to explain it.  And the website is professionally designed, so I know that this company must have some money.  For sure they invested in online video. 

And they did.  

But guess where it is?


And nowhere else!

Now don't get me wrong.  It's wonderful to have your video on YouTube.  This is a great sharing platform.  You can easily post your YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter, etcetera and people can share like crazy.  

However, for the people coming to your website for the first time either through search or some other channel, your video does them no good on YouTube.   

If you have a great video, it needs to be on your home page.***  Period.  

If you have ten great videos, put the one that most represents your company as a whole on your home page.  

And don't stuff it into some tiny side bar on the lower right hand corner next to your social media buttons.  


I'm begging you.  

Put that video in a prominent location preferably above the fold.  If you just can't manage to place it above the fold then at least put it immediately after the fold, or a stone's throw away from the fold.  

Online video only works when you make it work for you.  And part of that is positioning your video on your website so that people will watch it, hear your story, be amazed and inspired, and then take action.  

So if you're one of those guilty parties with a hidden video, please take some time this week to put your glorious tool up on the pedestal that it deserves.  

(Disclaimer: This only applies to great videos...If you have a video that you're embarrassed about, but that you have on your website because you know you're supposed to be using video as a marketing tool blah blah blah, don't sweat it.  Take the video down and make some time to create a tool that you're proud of!  Your business will not crumble for the few weeks that you go video-less.)  

***For a great example of this check out the Necker Island website, which actually has a banner which transforms into a video when you click it. (Ingenious!)

-Colette Nichol, Vancouver