Never Go It Alone: The Benefit of A Video-Making Partner

Those of you who have tried making promo videos for yourself alone with your iPhone or web cam probably already know that solo video-making is not easy.  And the results are usually not that great.  Rather than giving you the benefits as the title indicates, I'm going to go for the scare tactic here.  People often have this idea that making a video by themselves is a great idea.  Maybe this is part of a YouTube webcam culture.  I'm not sure.  But the truth is that you will rarely find an enjoyable-to-watch video that was made by the presenter alone.  So here are the main issues you will usually encounter with non-pro self-made videos that do not employ the help of a trusted friend and a tripod.   

1. The footage features the inside of the presenter's nostrils.  Scary indeed!
2. The framing is off, meaning the presenter's head and body don't fit properly into the frame.
3. The audio is often hard to hear because the microphone is too far away or alternatively too close (web cam videos!).
4.  There is no audience so the presenter comes off as false because she is presenting to herself on a screen while recording.  P.S.  This is not always the case.  Some people, do in fact present better when alone.  I'm pretty sure they are the exception, however, not the rule.  
5.  The image is usually out of focus because it's hard to focus on yourself when you are also the camera operator.

Okay, now for the good stuff.  You can definitely make a video without hiring a videographer or video production company.  If you just want something very very basic and your video doesn't need to be polished and professional (Ex: You're doing a long-form video project where you make a series of advice videos or education videos), then self-made videos are fine.

But you really just ought to recruit the help of a trusted friend (preferably a self-professed perfectionist) and you need to use a tripod.  Trust me, only a patient professional should try and make a rogue solo video! And even's really not that fun.  Part of the joy of video-making is collaboration.  So if you're mulling over the idea of making your own video, start asking yourself who you can recruit to help!  

-Colette Nichol, Vancouver