Why Your Video Doesn't Have To Be Super Short

There's a lot of hubbub on the web & in video circles about how a promo video has to be super duper short.  Get in get out.  And that may be true, to a degree.  You do want you viewer wanting more.  But leaving your viewer wanting more, isn't so much about the length of the video as it is about the relevance of all the pieces in the video.  If every part of a video tells a story and is relevant and interesting to your target viewer, then when the video ends, they will be left wanting more.  

This is why the most important part of your video making process (really!) is thinking about your audience's wants, needs, and interests and putting those aspects into your plan.  You need to know what your goal for the video is and who will be watching it.  

This video made by Tiger In A Jar about The Cooking Atelier in France is a perfect example of how a video does not need to fit into that prescribed 1 minute or 1.5 minute format.  The audience for this video is clearly a woman who is passionate about cooking, her home, her family, and a certain elegant and enjoyable lifestyle.  This woman will savour every moment of this video and be left with a smile on her face.  

Watching this re-affirmed what I already know to be true.  A video is your most powerful marketing tool.  Watching this video made me feel connected to the owners of The Cooking Atelier, it made me instantly like them, and it allowed me to feel like I was a part of their world. 

I LOVE photography.  And photography and text have a very important place in our world and online.  But video wins the connection game every single time.  

Source: https://vimeo.com/56095873