Shoot & Production Availability:

Thank you for your interest in working with Story Envelope. I would love to help you bring your vision to life!

Unfortunately, at the moment, production dates are pretty limited.

I'm currently only taking a couple client projects per year as I'm working on a few different personal filmmaking projects.

That being said, let's talk! Our schedules might align. Or your project might be so tantalizing I just can't say no :) That has happened before!

So definitely get in touch well before your desired shoot date, so we chat about the details of your project. If I'm unable to help you with your project due to scheduling conflicts, I might be able to send you in the direction of someone else who can. And if I am available then I can come up with a custom proposal for you and we can slowly but surely start moving the needle on your project.

If you would just like to get a rough idea of what the costs would be for a project you have in the next year or two, then please use the rough estimate form. I'm happy to give you a very rough estimate.

Looking forward to hearing from you!