June Hunter Testimonial for Video by Story Envelope Media

Just watched it twice. It’s wonderful!  You are genius!  I’ll show it to Phillip when he gets in – but I LOVE it!
Thanks so much,

Just showed it to Phillip. He also thinks it is amazing, and that you are a genius. He mentioned that I don’t seem any more crazy in the video than I do in real life. Not sure it that’s a good thing or not … ;)
Cheers, June

Sorry to keep filling your inbox with video reviews, but I just showed it to my harshest critic (my 22 year old son) and he pronounced the video “very impressive”.

A Note From June's Friend:
OMGoodness June the VIDEO!!! So very awesome and well-done. It's the YOU we all know and love. I love that you were able to create such an emotional connection to you and your work, and be completely real and true. Had a very calm laid-back feeling, which I love, and suits your work completely.

RICK SALMERON, Salmon Financial - www.salmeronfinancial.com

Hello Colette,
I just wanted to say Rick looked great in the video I saw!! I felt the love, that's for sure :) You did a wonderful job getting his message across.
Melissa Humphries, Director of Client Care, Salmeron Financial

Hi! This is Dominique, Rick’s daughter. The video you made was so cute! I loved the series of statements you put together that my dad said to the camera. Also whoever’s hand is in the corner was a nice touch. I wanted to watch it again and again!!! You did AWESOME!
 -Dominique Salmeron

JOHANNA LYNN, Family Constellations Hypnotist - www.johannalynn.ca

Johanna Lynn

Thanks Colette,
Just in the midst of a full day with clients but really love what you've done with the video. Can't wait to get the site redesign up to showcase your amazing work with the video.  So professional & I love how you've put it all together.

KRISTY GAETZ, Designer & Artist, Prasada Designs 

Story Envelope Video Testimonial from Prasada Designs

I couldn’t be happier with my video!! I feel you truly captured the essence of me and my business. I actually became quite emotional the first time I saw it. I am super excited to have such a great tool to share and highlight my business.



Oh my god I LOVE it!  Thank you so much - that is so insanely special that you captured such a rare sight of us having snow in Vancouver.  What a great (albeit cold) day.  Can't wait for the "spring horses" version!