Story Envelope Founder & Videomaker, Colette Nichol - Photo by Ross den Otter of  PINK MONKEY STUDIOS

Story Envelope Founder & Videomaker, Colette Nichol - Photo by Ross den Otter of PINK MONKEY STUDIOS


If your goal is to create lasting connections, you're in the right place.

My goal with Story Envelope Media is to help people who have a dream, a vision, and a deep passion for what they do to connect with likeminded clients, customers, and funders through online video.  

I want to help you grow an even stronger foundation of clients by helping you to fulfill your vision for any video project you have in mind.


Hello! I'm Colette Nichol, the Founder & Videomaker behind Story Envelope Media. Since you probably want to know a thing or two about me before pressing send on the contact form, here's some info:

Story has been one of my passions for years.  As a kid story was my main reason for existence.  We didn’t have a television, so I read books like it was my job. 

But as soon as I had enough money and the cojones to stand up for my “right” to a small screen, I bought a 13 inch television at the local Walmart and started watching late night Hitchcock movies with rigorous obsession.  

I was hooked on story, on moving pictures, and on the poetry of communicating authentically and intimately.  

And that brings me to where I am today: making videos for soulful businesses like yours.


1. My background is in the theatre. That's where I learned the art of timing, storytelling and how to get a joke to land. That's also why I care about things like wardrobe, props, set, hair, makeup, and the colour of everything. 

2. I grew up on a vineyard and winery in Naramata, BC.  My parents decided to follow their dreams and open a winery back in the 80s.  That's where my passion for small biz came from.  I saw my parents work their butts off for many many years - and I helped them out here and there (sometimes reluctantly!).  Now I'd like to help other small biz owners to fulfill their dreams and goals with online video.

3. In addition to making videos, I also do solo theatre and spend a lot of time reading about online marketing.  This weird combo of skills/interests results in me caring a lot about your video audience from both an artsy fartsy perspective and a sales/marketing perspective.

4. At the age of 12 I had my first camera and started doing photo shoots with my friends.  By 16 I had directed my first short film, which was also my first experience with the old adage that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But if you know that to be true, you can plan ahead!

5. I'm a proudly self-taught videomaker and editor. While lucky enough to have gone to a high school that had one of the first secondary school film programs in the country, the vast majority of my video know-how comes from obsessively reading, watching videos, and practicing my craft.  When it comes to creating moving pictures practical in-the-field experience is more important than a fancy certificate.


I would love to help you tell your story, share your vision, and reach your audience in a way that truly reflects you, your business, and your dream.  

Whatever your project may be, I’d love to be the person who brings it to life on the small screen.