Micro Films for Creative Businesses

From hospitality to textiles and design, Story Envelope will
bring your creative vision to life on the small screen.


Micro Film: Paperblanks Flexis are flexible and portable notebooks for the discerning paper lover with tons of ideas and places to go!
Industry: Design


Micro Film: Paper-Oh creates beautiful, practical notebooks. They wanted to share what makes their notebooks different.
Industry: Design

Micro Film: The Mackenzie Room - Bringing to life the feeling and philosophy of one of Vancouver's best new restaurants.
Industry: Food & Beverage

Micro Film: June Hunter Images - Capturing her philosophy, story, and tile-making process to communicate the value of what June offers.
Industry: Fine Art


Micro Film: Bringing to life Prasada Designs passion for creating sacred spaces.  
Industry: Textiles & Design

Micro Film: Rick Salmeron wanted to share the story behind his thriving business, Salmeron Financial in Dallas Texas. 
Industry: Personal Finance

Explainer Video: This piece was created to explain and show, clearly, the details of Hartley and Marks' beautiful tablet jacket system.
Industry: Design & Technology


Micro Film: Designed to capture the feeling of the moment and the personality of the owner's beloved horse Kelly. It will server as a memento for many years to come.
Industry: Equestrian


Story Envelope Media's 2016 Portfolio Reel - check out some of the projects we've worked on recently.


Music Video: This video was designed to capture the feeling and the narrative of this song by Deluka.