What do you do?

What kind of videos do you make?

Short answer: I make story-based micro films that help capture attention, engage your audience, and connect with your clients on a deeper level than what's possible with just text or still images. 

Long answer: Keep reading.



Intimate.  Inviting.  Honest.  Draw your customers in and stick in their memories like super glue.

Connection is created by meeting people in person, getting to know them, relating to them. If you can't meet every single customer in person right off the bat, then video is a good second choice. 

I will ensure that your video truly reflects you and your business in a way that your customers and clients can relate to so that a connection is forged. 

Whether we're creating a story-based video that shares the journey an important new product took from inception to production or a series of short explainer videos that help your clients build trust in your brand, the most important thing a video can do is capture the true essence of your company.

That thing that makes your company different from everyone else in the market. Without that, you've got just another video of just another business selling things.

But as soon as we bring your essence to life on the small screen, your unique difference becomes clear, and the magic of connection happens.

Every business has a soul, an essence, a spine, a philosophy, a reason for existing. Usually this comes straight from the hearts of the original founders and has continued to grow and flourish as the company grows and flourishes. 

It's this basic essence which has to come through in a video for it to be a long term success. And that's why this is Story Envelope Media's focus no matter what the content of the video is. 

Think of this piece of the puzzle as being the flatware your gorgeous meal is served upon. While the meal might be incredible, if it's served on a piece of squeaky Styrofoam the experience will be greatly diminished.

But videos with SOUL...well, those are a perfect meal served on beautifully designed flatware.

With a solid foundation of soul, the power of your message will be clear.

Now, down to brass tacks:


These aren't extras - these are included in every single video every single time.

  • Broadcast quality audio that passes the "earbud test"
  • High Definition video (1080p) that works on any mobile device
  • Delivery in any format you need so that it will play back smoothly on the platform of your choice
  • 100% legal Royalty-free licensed music
  • Clean, clear, uncluttered cinematic images
  • Colour correction
  • Wardrobe tips and presentation prep

Prices will depend on how grandiose or minimalist your video needs are.  They range from $3000 to over $20,000 per project. If you have a project with 10 complex videos that might cost $20,000. If you have a single story-based video that can be shot in one day that might cost $3000. The price for your videos very much depends on the specifications of your project.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat about your video project and have a proposal created specifically for you.

I work with just a couple clients per year, so get in touch early.

Contacting me a year in advance is not outrageous. In fact, it's the best way to ensure you'll get the shoot and production dates you want.

Current Availability:

Availability for this year is quite limited due to a couple personal filmmaking projects I'm working on. Do get in touch though if you have something coming up down the road. I'd love to hear what you're dreaming up. And hopefully we can come up with a schedule that will work! And if not, I might be able to send in you in the direction of another filmmaker or company that can help you.