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With online video there are a lot of details to consider and a lot of mistakes that are easy to make and costly in terms of time, money and energy.  

The Story Envelope Newsletter is designed to help prevent all of that.  

Getting Ready To Hire A Video Producer?
You'll get the brass tacks info you need to know if you're planning on hiring a video producer, so you don't waste time and money and do save your sanity.

Making Your Own Videos?
You'll get DIY video advice that will help you start making videos that look SERIOUSLY good.  No more amateur hour for you.

If you're planning on doing DIY video or revving up to hire a video producer, these tips, blogs, articles, and videos will get you on the right path.


1. VIDEO: How to attract your ideal client with online video.
2. ANALYSIS: The top things you need to know about online video before getting started.

What You Need To Know About Online Video
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